Flowers & Leaves

– The flowers are sourced from Tamil Nadu (South India).
– We get flowers every Thursday evening. This schedule changes during festival time where we plan to get flowers 2-3 days ahead of the festival.
– Please store the flowers that you buy deep inside the refrigerator where temperature wont change a lot due to traffic. But not in/near freezer.
– Jasmine flower is very sensitive and will stay fresh only for 3-4 days from the day I receive the shipment (i.e. Jasmine arriving on Wednesday will stay fresh until Sunday)
– Being perishables request to refrigerate the flowers ASAP to prevent brownness/wilting.
– If you need flower to stay fresh beyond the 4 day period, avoid Jasmine and try Mullai/Virajaji Strings.


– Being perishables, I order only limited quantity beyond the pre orders. Please pre order 10-14 days in advance to avoid last minute disappointment.
 If your order isn’t a pre order (ordered atleast 7 days in advance), please check with me on availability.
– On check out, if you are not seeing your intended pickup date, it means no flowers are available for the particular date.
– Even with pre order, there is a least chance the flowers might not be available due to flight cancellation/delays or low inventory on arrival (in such situations, I handle it on first come first serve basis for the customers who pre ordered).
– Pickup address: 421 Carolina Street, Morrisville